Test Session Credit and Refund Policy

Effective February 16th, 2019

  • The only time a refund will be issued is if the skater is bumped off a registered session due to it being full and they do not want to be placed on the next available session. Refunds will not include the paid convenience fee and are subject to a $5 administrative fee.
  • Skaters may sign up for consecutive tests on the same test session but if they do not pass the first test and are then ineligible to take the second test they will not be given a credit for the test fee of the 2nd test.
  • If a skater withdraws from a registered test session before the registration has closed they can request to be moved to a future session (if it is not already full) or be issued a credit for the test fee that can be applied to future.
  • If a skater withdraws for any reason from a registered test session after the registration has closed there will be no credit given unless the vacated time slot can be filled by a skater on the waitlist.
  • Test dates are tentative and are dependent upon judges’ availability.
  • Registration is on a first come-first serve basis. The number of available slots varies from month to month. Registration will close when the session is determined to be full.
  • Due to the limitation in available slots, later registrants may be bumped to the next available session.