Pro Corner

The following Pros (listed in alphabetical order by first name) are members of Highland Skating Club:

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Becci Safai – 206-669-2244

Sectional and National Coach/Choreographer
USFSA Double Gold Medalist
US Open Champion
Artistic Director of Seattle Ice Theatre

B.A. University of Utah

Bente Stangeland Mullally – 206-218-4668

Member of USFSA and PSA
Board Elected Safe Sport USFSA Representative
Disciplines: Freestyle, Figures, Moves in the Field
Sectional Competitor

B.A. University of Washington, English/Writing

Blue Stiley – 206-409-5373

Off-Ice Strength Training Specialist

My appreciation of the body’s ability to perform began by participating in school sports such as baseball and football at an early age. I realized that in order for the body to really achieve new heights, I needed to learn how to make my mind and body work together. My introduction to karate, judo, and other martial arts opened my eyes to achieving better mind and body coordination. These arts showed me how to not just go through the physical motions of exercise, but to create synergy of mind and body.

After a terrible knee injury, I was afraid the ensuing months of inactivity would cause me to lose all that I had worked so hard to learn and achieve. Fortunately, I was able to work with physical therapists that not only aided my recovery, but motivated me to never quit. Their encouragement helped direct me to research and study improved physical strengthening, nutrition, human anatomy, and positive thinking. This injury was the catalyst to dedicating myself to a healthy active lifestyle that I will maintain for the rest of my life. By putting into practice all that I have learned, I realized that I could not only improve my athletic ability and physical appearance, but my everyday life as well.

Whether in college, at work, at the gym, through sports, or living abroad, I have continually come into contact with people who are looking for a way to set and attain physical and mental goals. My ability to share knowledge and experiences with them has aided in their drive towards their own goals. My desire to educate and instruct others to a healthier lifestyle change that is long-term, safe and efficient has inspired me to create Shadow Fitness.


I have been actively involved in the fitness industry since 1997 and lucky enough to train all over the world in martial arts. I have spent the last ten years in Seattle as a personal trainer, strength coach and karate instructor. Within this time I have developed and implemented strength and conditioning programs for hundreds of athletes and individuals through presentations, seminars, workshops and private training sessions.

  • Member of the Seihoku Budokai since 1993
  • Instructor of the Seihoku Ryu Budokai
  • Member of the Japan Karate Association, (JKA) since 2002
  • Gold’s Gym ~ 2002-2004, Personal Trainer, accumulated over 3000 hours of client training/Awarded 2003 Trainer of the Year and 2003 Top Trainer North Seattle Gold’s Gym.
  • Studio 112 ~ 2004-2005, Strength Coach
  • Seattle Skating Club ~ 2005-20011, Strength Coach
  • Highland Ice Arena ~ 2010- Current
  • Shadow Fitness ~ 2006-Current, Owner & Founder

Corrie Martin – 206-755-2658

Spin Specialist

Seattle Ice Theater Choreographer
International Show Skater
Pre-certified in Gyro tonics
5X International, National, Jr. National, and Sectional Choreographer

Bachelor degree in Psychology & Minor in Theatre, University of Washington

My passion is developing skaters from the ground up. It is most rewarding watching each student accomplish their personal goals. When choreographing a program, it is a unique experience to each student. I nurture their natural style and bring the joy they have for skating out in their programs. While teaching spins, I focus on correct body alignment for a great center. It is also paramount for all elements of skating that each student reaches and maintains their maximum flexibility. To foster this, I instruct a weekly stretch class that incorporates a gyro tonic approach in which all levels of skaters can participate.

Darin Hosier 206-300-4234

International Coach
USFS Gold Medalist in Figures and Freestyle
USFS National Medalist
PSA Master Freestyle Rated
PSA Level 5 Ranking
Grassroots to Champions (G2C) Coach
Pole Harness, Off Ice Harness, and Dartfish Software Equipped

Teaching – Regional Champions, Jr. National Finalists, 2011 National Medalist & 2007 2x Jr. Grand Prix Champion.

B.A. George Mason University in Communication

I trained with G2C Olympic Coach Audrey Weisiger, Master Rated Coach Kenneth Class and U.S. World Competitor Juli McKinstry. I believe figure skating teaches life lessons, such as time allocation, goal setting, and discpline. I believe in a positive approach to learning, which requires a respectful attitude from my students. I believe it takes a team approach to produce quality skaters and that parents play an integral supportive role in a non-coaching capacity.

Julie Draney – 801-230-0827

Thirteen years coaching experience in Utah, California and Washington
Specializes in Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Ice Dancing, and Basic Skills
Triple USFSA Gold Medalist – Gold Moves in the Field, Senior Freeskate and Gold Dance
Sectional competitor; 10 years competitive experience
Trained at the Broadmoor World Arena
Cast Member of 2002 XIX Olympic Winter Games Closing Ceremonies in Salt Lake City, Utah
Member of PSA and USFSA

Kalina Chung – 206-883-8945

USFS Moves in the Field Gold Medalist
USFS Ice Dance Pre-Silver Medalist
USFS Free Skate Junior Level
Regional Champion

Marie Grieshaber – 214-585-9448

Sectional Synchro Coach
Basic Skills Instructor
ISI Instructor
Gold Medalist
Regional Competitor

B.S. Mechanical Engineering from Seattle University

Natalie Thompson – 253-905-5160

Coach of 2007, 2008, and 2009 NWP Regional Gold, Bronze, and Pewter medalists
Coach of 2009 State Games of America Juvenile Girls Gold Medalist
PSA, ISI, USFS professional member
ISI Silver Judge
8yrs coaching experience
PSA Written Exam accredited

Rebecca Frampton – 951.852.3823

Sectional Synchro Coach
Coaching experience specializing in group lessons, beginning skating and ice dance since 1999
Non-qualifying competitive coaching experience
Member PSA and USFS
BS in Liberal Studies from Northern Arizona University

Regional, Sectional and National Coach, 20 + years
Choreographed Regional through International competitors
USFS and PSA member
Skate Canada Double Gold Medalist
National Coaching Association Canada – Level 3 certified, part Level 4
Professional Skater – pairs/adagio & singles, Highlights include:
– Radio City Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes New York – Chicago
– City Lites/Glitter Stage and Ice Show – Atlantic City, New Jersey USA
– Richard Porter Productions – Busch Gardens, Florida USA
– Disney On Ice – USA east coast tour