About Us

The Highland Skating Club is a member club of U.S. Figure Skating, the national governing body of figure skating in the United States.

We are located Highland Ice Arena, a family-owned and operated ice rink that’s been in continuous operation since 1962.

With the Highland Skating Club, you will find a welcoming environment and a group of volunteers and professional coaches dedicated to helping you reach your skating goals, whatever style and degree of competition you’re pursuing. Our members include competitive freestyle skaters and ice dancers, synchronized skating team members, and those seeking to improve their skills by advancing through the levels of testing that are offered.

Highland Skating Club members are governed by an elected Board, that meet to plan the activities of the club. Our younger members also have input into the club through our Junior Board and their representative who sits on the club board.

Each year our club sponsors the Blades on Ice competition in September. Further information on the competition and entry forms can be found here.

Bylaws of the Highland Skating Club
The current bylaws of the Highland Skating Club are available in PDF format.